Suffolk County Council and The Consultancy Home Counties (TCHC) have reached the joint decision to bring to a close the current pilot for the Apprenticeship Suffolk Business Service. ASBS has successfully worked with over 4,000 employers and generated in excess of 500 new Apprenticeship vacancies, but our evaluation has shown that the pilot model as it is currently operating cannot overcome other barriers within the Apprenticeship system, and therefore a different approach is needed going forward. Suffolk County Council, TCHC and their sub-contracting partner, The Suffolk Chamber of Commerce, will work closely together over the next three months to ensure businesses currently engaged through this contract are given appropriate support. Suffolk County Council will look to develop a new approach to supporting the apprenticeship agenda in Suffolk going forward.

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Fully funded Apprenticeship in Floristry for all existing and new staff plus up to £7,500 in additional Government grants

There is no reason not to take your Suffolk business to new heights by keeping up to date with contemporary and classic floristry techniques and attracting new clients.

Fully funded Apprenticeship in Floristry for all existing and new staff plus up to £7,500 in additional Government grants

As an employer in a competitive market, you will have thought about training for you and your staff to keep up with ever-changing demands from your dynamic customer base. Perhaps you would like certifiable evidence of your expertise to show to your clients?

Apprenticeship in Funeral Operations and Services

Funeral Directors in Suffolk are urged to consider work-based training for staff

SME’s in Suffolk and the UK are turning to Apprenticeships to fill skills gaps by recruiting fresh, new talent or by encouraging existing members of staff to develop their skills. This is driven forward by the government’s 2020 Apprenticeship Vision which aims to deliver 3 million quality Apprenticeship starts by 2020.

Boost productivity in 2016 by up-skilling your staff

We can support you through the process of training an existing employee.

Apprenticeships are not just for new recruits. By placing existing staff members on Apprenticeship training programmes, you can save on management recruitment costs and see boosted productivity with an up-skilled workforce.  Staff retention rates are significantly increased in organisations that invest in the training and development of its employees and with the turmoil that 2016 brings, you should too.


Eight reasons why Apprenticeships work for all businesses

The government wants more businesses large and small to embrace Apprenticeships. Their aim, to get 3 million by 2020 to boost the economy, but are they suitable for small and micro businesses?

The day to day challenges of running a smaller business means that taking on an apprentice is often low on the agenda. Many business owners think that they just don’t have the time to train someone to help them with their business. Is this a false economy? Here are eight reasons why apprenticeships can work for small businesses.

How can the increase in Apprenticeship funding help your business?

You may be aware that the government is investing in Apprenticeships. They are asking companies with a payroll of over £3 million a year to support their plans by introducing an Apprenticeship Levy. All companies can still benefit from Apprenticeship training, even those not paying the levy under this new system to be introduced in 2017.

The government has set a target of 3 million Apprenticeships by 2020, so why are they so keen on putting Apprenticeships at the heart of tackling skills shortages? Here are seven good reasons why they think Apprenticeship funding can help your business:

What is “upskilling” and how is it useful to me?

The Evolution of John.

What is “upskilling” and how is it useful to me?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, upskilling is to “..teach (an employee) additional skills: this is an opportunity to upskill staff and expand their capabilities”. In layman’s terms, upskilling is teaching someone who works for you new skills so that person has more knowledge to produce a higher quality of work.

Apprenticeship Levy

The government is proposing a ‘levy’ on employers to help them meet the target of 3 million Apprenticeship places in England. This is a 35% increase on the current number. There was a consultation on the levy which is expected to be introduced in 2017-18. It is proposed that it will be paid by large businesses but that all businesses will be able to access Apprenticeships via a voucher system.

Additional funding for nationally recognised, work-based qualifications for you and your staff

Free and impartial advice to help you and your staff get the most out of work-based learning.

Additional funding for nationally recognised, work-based qualifications for you and your staff

Whether you are a confident and responsible care home manager wanting to redesign your leadership technique or a support worker looking to develop your career in the Health and Social Care industry, there is a work-based qualification that you can benefit from.